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The only Snow tire chains You will ever need, This product has to be present in every car.

    1. Made of special TPU plastic [ high-tech composite material ], cold-resistant and durable for use [ Reusable for years and years ]
    2. Newest design for antiskid steel tooth, antiskid effect increase 10 times
    3. Touch the ground covered with high rigidity alloy nail, skid-resistant.
    4. Do not harm tires, low noise, strong grip.
    5. No shaking when the vehicle is running, insure a comfortable drive and without vibration and noise.
    6. 360 ° all-round
    7. Don't damage the ground
    8. Fits for all the vehicle
    9. Easy to install, fitted in minutes, without the jack, or move the car.

    Service environment:
    1.On snow road
    2.On the mud road
    3.On sand road

    To prevent damage to the body. After use, wash with warm water chain sheet.