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Prevent poor posture with the BLACKROLL® POSTURE!

The BLACKROLL® POSTURE harness has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective brace that supports and enables better posture in everyday life. No matter if you are at home, at work, driving a car, at the gym or during sports and rehab, the POSTURE brace will help you achieve healthy and upright upper body alignment.


Using the BLACKROLL® POSTURE brace will give your body a long-term solution to your postural problems. Wearing the brace just a few hours a day will gradually train and condition your muscles to support good posture. This high-quality support brace is the perfect, non-invasive way to correct poor habits. 

Benefits of BLACKROLL® POSTURE correcting brace

BLACKROLL® POSTURE is one of the best braces on the Australian market. When used regularly it is more than just a corrector.


  • Increase oxygen uptake, giving you more energy
  • Strengthen critical muscles in neck, back, shoulders, and chest
  • Relieve neck and back pain
  • Help muscles and joints recover and rehabilitate from injury
  • Be used in pilates and general stretching
  • Remove discomforts associated with bad posture 


If you work at a desk or sit for hours on end, the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect tool to ensure you’re sitting in a position that doesn’t strain your muscles. Adjust the straps, pop it on and remove the discomfort. You’ll be training your upper-body muscles without knowing it.

Attention Martial arts teachers! Apart from being a corrector, the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect training tool: simply include it during practice and observe how the execution of your punching technique, combined with a hip rotation is trained. It supports the muscles to correct this movement.  

How do you use BLACKROLL® POSTURE?

The BLACKROLL® POSTURE has adjustable velcro straps allowing it to further adapt to your individual body. With its figure-8 design, it slips comfortably over the shoulders to give upper-body support.

It is so easy to wear and is suitable for men and women. You don’t need a medical reason to wear a postural brace; anyone who wants to stop slouching and relieve discomfort or pain should try the BLACKROLL® POSTURE today! 


There are two sizes of BLACKROLL® POSTURE available so everyone can experience the benefits of posture correction.

Regular (S/M/L): This size caters for people of small to large height and shape. For a long time this was the only size available and fit most adult people.

Extra Large (XL/XXL): This size has recently been introduced following many requests for a solution for XL/XXL sized people. 


Because it “reminds” you to keep a good posture in a relaxed way at all times your muscles will slowly “learn” the new position and feel comfortable in that position.

Many posture braces inhibit movement and rub along the clavicle and under the arms. BLACKROLL® POSTURE is made with sturdy but soft material to prevent rubbing and is designed to sit perfectly under the armpit.   

Product features

With a sleek look, the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect accessory to help improve your posture and general health.

  • POSTURE reminds you to use your own muscles to correct your posture
  • Encourages you to engage the right muscles when lifting
  • Supports perfect posture while performing
  • Machine washable at 40 Degrees
  • Weighs only 200g 

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