Premium Windshield Snow Cover Sunshade: 6 FEATURES ALL IN 1

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TIRED OF BEGINNING YOUR DAY scraping off ice and snow from your windshield or trying to drive on a sunny day with a hot steering wheel? So do not worry, we've found the right solution to these common problems


Both in winter and summer, this amazing "Premium Windshield Snow Cover Sunshade: 6 FEATURES ALL IN 1" can satisfy your wants and needs. In winter, the snow-blocking black side faces outwards, and the summer shades are silver-faced outwards.
This efficacious product is a durable and sturdy waterproof cover that protects your vehicle's windshield from these elements, snow, ice, sun, rain, dust, dirt, sand, scrapes, scratches, and UV rays.

How it makes different in snowing day...

It protects your car while you sleep so that you can just remove it from the windscreen in the morning and drive off. No more standing in sub-freezing temperatures, getting cold, wet and frustrated.

How it makes different in a sunny day...
It also protect your car from the sun and heat in the summer, tree sap and pollen in the spring and fallen leaves in the fall - all pitfalls of outdoor parking.


  • [Multi Purpose]: This amazing product shields you from the harsh effect of weather elements such as: ice, frost, snow, sun, UV. It also shields you from guano and deciduous effects. It can also be used as outdoor picnic sheet, tent sleeping pad, baby crawling mat and pet car seat cover. With SUKCESO Windshield Cover, your car is ever ready-to-drive in any weather. No more waiting for defrost before driving. No More Scraping. No more Frozen Wipers. Protect your wiper and windshield
  • [Perfect Design]: With the aid of 6 magnets, the windshield snow cover is firmly attached to the car and grips the snow car cover in place. With the Double deck packaging magnet, your vehicle is ever protected from scratches
  • [Easy to Install]: Produced for ease and convenience. This windshield cover can be installed in few minutes as no tool and extra hand is required
  • [Universal Size]: Designed with a universal (215*125 cm) dimension to fit perfectly into Cars, Vans, Minivans, Trucks, SUVs, MPVs, F250, F650.
  • [Easy to store]: The product is equipped with a special storage bag and folding compact. This way, it can be placed in the trunk or cab after use...


  • Size: 215cm*125cm 
  • Material: Aluminium Film  
  • Package Inclusions: 1 x Smart Windshield Cover, 
  • Color: One side silver, one side black
  • Features:Anti-UV protection
  • Use:Front and Rear Car Windshield 

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